Landscape Scale Conservation

Suffolk Coast is blessed with a number of first class wetland sites. However, the management of these sites traditionally are carried out largely independently from each other. This insular approach diminishes the potential return compared to if the reserves were managed in a way that complemented each other. Wetlands across the landscape, and the species they support, benefit from a range of management to create a heterogeneous mosaic of habitats across the range of natural succession. All partners buying into a pan-reserve management strategy focussed on the concept of dynamic management helps to create a myriad of habitats types that will deliver for priority wetland species. This approach will ultimately maximise the potential for climate change colonists as well as improve resilience to climate change itself.

The Suffolk Wader Strategy is developing a new cultural way of working, thinking big across the landscape and not in the insular way of traditional land management. We realised we had to work more closely together, to share ideas and to share our experiences and breadth of knowledge. We recognised site managers could help each other and offer support to over come challenges. We also saw that Natural England advisors and reserve site managers would benefit from this exchange of knowledge. We have produced a defined list of sites, both nature reserves and locations in the wider landscape:

map1 map2

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